Today there is much emphasis being placed on advanced funeral planning.  Pre-planning allows for wise decisions at a time when one is better prepared to make these decisions.  

There are several sound reasons for pre-planning:

*        To arrange your funeral according to your personal desires.
*        To relieve the emotional distress of your survivors.
*        For peace of mind.

We offer a full line of services and prices to meet individual needs.  We believe that every family desires quality and value along with Christian care and professional service at their time of need.  You can make pre-arrangements at no cost by simply allowing us to place your desires and wishes on file at the funeral home.  We have a booklet to help walk you thru the information that would be needed at the time of death.  To request a pre-planning booklet you can contact us and we will mail one to you.  

You can also prepay for your arrangements in advance.  Some people chose to just set aside a certain dollar amount to be used as their survivors wish and some want to pick out their own merchandise and lock in those prices.  

We offer two different ways to pre-pay for your arrangements.  We can put that money in a local bank, in a certificate of deposit with the interest to compound or we can fund your arrangements thru an insurance product with Homesteader''s Life Insurance. Homesteader''s Life

If you have already made prearrangements with another funeral home and you wish to transfer it to Fouts Funeral Home we can help you do this.